My name is Pia Bräutigam-Herou and I live in a small community, Fjärås, a few miles south of Gothenburg.
Here I live with my husband Mikael and our youngest son Joacim. Our two oldest boys has moved out. Mikael and the boys biggest interest are motorcycles and my interests are animals. I grew up with dogs. My parents started kennel Bergknallens (FCI-registrered) in 1964 and bred Dachshund and later on Vorsteh. I took over the kennelname in 2007.
Year 2004 I bought my first own dog och it was a black Miniature Schnauzer namned Tess.

Miniature Schnauzer is a lovely breed, alert and always a great companion at long walks in the woods or as follower when we are horseriding.
I have a small breeding at home.

Fjärås, Sweden 2009


Pia Bräutigam-Herou
Västra Öxaredsvägen 166, SE-439 75 Fjärås, Sweden
Phone: +46 300 542180, +46 703 645946